My name is Ken Davies and I have been a Property Master and Armorer in the movie industry for over
35 years. During that time I have made every kind of film there is and have made a point of accumulating a
good variety of props. I am also a historian and advisor specifically for the 1800’s. I have over 3000 square
feet of Medieval, Western, Victorian and Modern Day props. I also have a huge collection of rubber, replica
and authentic pistols, including black powder, rifles and shotguns, ranging from the 1800’s to present day.

We are located in Maple Ridge and I can be contacted through

phone 604-467-2301 or Cell 604-328-4677. Props for any genre – for example
around 1000 AD (and up) – Armor, swords, and chain mail, crowns

1800’s is a specialty - writing, cameras, china, tableware, spectacles, watches, guns, accessories, hand tools

1500’s, 1800’s and 1900’s – Saddles-western, luggage, holsters, ledgers, typewriters

Modern day – SWAT and police gear, school, cell phones, backpacks, computer stuff, license plates

Delivery Available